On Saturday, I was reading one of my devotionals and it really stood out to me.

It’s about focusing NOT on the ingredients of your life, but on the WHOLE recipe to see what God is preparing for your life.

I’m going to include a picture here so you can read it for yourself (It’s from Turning Points With God:  365 Daily Devotions by David Jeremiah):

God's RecipeAmazing!

I just love this devotional.

We’re always so focused on the ‘ingredients’ of our lives and fail to see the whole ‘recipe’ God is preparing for us.

At the time, I thought going through my divorce was the worst thing possible.  But, when I look back, it was only one ingredient to my life.  Without the divorce I wouldn’t be here today writing this to you.  I may not even be studying God’s Word or even living it.  I may not even have been truly saved.  Yikes.

So, I’m thankful that all the ingredients in my life add up to something special.  Maybe the final recipe is going to be a baked warm Apple Pie… Nah.  It’s going to be something beyond what we can imagine!

Keep spreading the Word!

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