When you feel God telling you something, you BETTER listen.

A couple of weeks ago I was on my way home from a wedding anniversary downtown.  There were two lanes to the onramp of the freeway, and about 4 cars in front of me.  In the other lane was another couple of cars along with a motorcycle.

Light turns green and we all start to go.  Well I noticed one of the cars in my lane starts to go into the right lane to pass somebody… but, it’s kind of hard to pass when someone is in that right lane.  But not for this motorist.  This motorist decided to push the motorcycle (and his passenger) off the road.

The rider and passenger go flying while the motorist speeds away.

I stop and call 911 and see how I can help.  Luckily, both the rider and passenger got up and took their helmets off (helmets…).  They were shaken up a bit, can’t blame them, and seemed to be ok with a couple of cuts on their legs.  Well, while waiting there the passenger got her helmet and noticed the rider’s helmet… his helmet was all scratched and in pretty bad shape.

The rider said he wasn’t planning on wearing his helmet that night, but decided to.

Good thing… because that would have been his head all mashed up.

Now I bring up this story because in the end the rider decided to wear his helmet.  That was an urging from God!  If he would have not listened and did as he was originally going to (not wear the helmet), he would either be dead or in very bad shape.

So when you hear God speak, you better listen.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

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