I’m sure your first thought was, “Hey, it’s a $2 Dollar bill, and why’s this guy giving it to me?!”

You then probably read the four reasons in the little card the $2 Dollar bill was in. But there is a fifth reason…

Look closely at the picture (or directly at your $2 Dollar bill). What’s actually going on there?

It’s the Declaration of Independence being presented declaring freedom from British rule. 56 men were willing to give up their lives so we could have freedom.

Ah, freedom. What a wonderful word. You now what this $2 bill reminds me of?

It reminds me of freedom, but not just any freedom… Freedom from the sins of the world! 2,000 years ago Jesus signed a Declaration of Independence with his blood so that you could be free from sin. All he asks in return is that you trust and obey him.

Use this $2 Dollar bill as a reminder of the declaration Jesus made for you.

It’s about time for you to be set free!